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11.01.16 - Mick George Ltd Steering Cyclist Road Safety

An initiative to help improve road safety pulled up at a Cambridge college this week.

The scheme, designed to demonstrate how road safety conditions for Cambridge cyclists could be improved by fitting heavy duty vehicles with special 'safety features', was rolled out at Long Road Sixth Form College.

To demonstrate these features to Long Road students, many of whom cycle or ride to College on mopeds, Skanska visited Long Road with one of its partners, Mick George Ltd and took one of their enhanced vehicles to the school to show pupils.

Students were shown the external safety features including extra mirrors, a rear warning sign showing blind spots and a reversing alarm. They also went up in the cab to try out the warnings and, more importantly, to understand how vulnerable they are, especially in the large vehicle's blind spot.

Heather Chambers, Vice Principal, said: "We are extremely grateful to Skanksa UK and Mick George Ltd for coming to Long Road. It is crucial that our students realise how careful they need to be while cycling or using motorised transport.’’

Skanska is currently working on a £49.9 million contract from the University of Cambridge to deliver infrastructure for Phase 1 of the North West Cambridge Development, the University's largest single capital development project in which Mick George Ltd are providing services on a sub-contractor basis.

A lot of the projects work will involve transportation via heavy duty vehicles to and from the site, and both Skanska and Mick George Ltd wanted to show how careful students needed to be in proximity of large vehicles.

A spokesman from Skanska said: "Skanska insists that all large vehicles entering its sites are compliant with the safety features needed to attain the FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme)."

The company ensured that all of their vehicles would feature a number of special safety features which would help ensure the safety of the public during the construction, and ease residents' anxieties.

The innovative road safety improvement vehicle that was brought to the school to show students, also boasted close proximity sensors and cameras, an audible and visible left turn warning a reversing camera and side under-run guards to help prevent cyclists, mopeds, motorcycles and cars from being pulled under the vehicle.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The visit to Long Road college was an extension to the recent work we’ve been doing with other schools in the region, albeit to much younger children.’’

‘’The business recognises it has a responsibility to educate the local community on the best way to remain safe when in the vicinity of large Heavy Good Vehicles. This is a continuous process that Mick George Ltd are looking to engage, with plans in the coming months to explore reduced speed limits, sponsored community speed watch and no drive zones for such transport types within unsuitable locations.’’


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