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05.02.16 - Mick George Ltd provide community support

In addition to the recent £162,000 issued to local community projects as part of the Mick George Community Fund, the business has extended it’s offering to support a number of smaller initiatives throughout the areas in which the business operates.

Five separate assignments with a total value of £10,000 are to receive sponsorship assistance in the next few months to aid the staging of forthcoming events or improvements.

- Cambridge University Robinsons College Ball

- St. Ives Park & Ride 

- Bedfordshire Young Farmers Club Rally & Show

- Abbotts Ripton Hall Garden Show

- St. Ives Book Jam

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd ‘’Our assistance has proven invaluable to many local communities, helping to create, restore and protect a whole array of landmarks, projects and events. We recognise funding isn’t something that many organisations come by easily so we are keen to support wherever feasible’’.

There are four local sponsorship rounds each year for applicants to submit entries for consideration. The next funding stage will be ending at the end of March 2016.


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