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17.10.2016 - Mick George Ltd introduce further speed restrictions

Earlier this year, Mick George Ltd commissioned various initiatives as part of its commitment to safer roads, with the principle objective of minimising disturbance to residents, and any potential of injury caused by dangerous driving, in and around Cambridgeshire villages.

Primarily the campaign was directed at the organisations own fleet, however, it was not restricted to, and hoped other influential haulage and HGV operators would follow suit.

Voluntary no drive zones, reduced speed limits and community roadwatch were just a few of the elements that Mick George Ltd engaged. The procedures were installed following research that uncovered some companies were repeatedly breaking routing agreements, whilst recording speed limits in excess of 43% higher than the national legal limit.

Initially rolled-out within the villages of Haddenham, Colne and Earith, following frustration from local Parish Councilors, feedback has been positive, with one spokesperson at Haddenham Parish Council stating; ‘’We are most grateful to Mick George Ltd for their efforts.’’

Subsequently, Mick George Ltd has expanded its advisory 20mph speed restrictions to the village of Hilton, Cambridgeshire, hoping that the local community will shortly receive the same encouraging response.

Joe Gossage, Transport Manager at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Road safety is paramount to Mick George Ltd and this campaign is one we are addressing with extreme importance. As well as the speed restrictions that we operate within the region, the business has also invested in technology to closely monitor the exact movements of our fleet throughout the county.’’

Gossage continued: ‘’Some of the general figures that have been presented to us have been staggering and naturally a cause for concern among local communities. We are pleased that our efforts have been well received and will continue to work alongside community representatives to make further improvements.’’


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