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08.02.16 - Mick George Ltd Driving Safer Road Initiative

The rear end of 2015 saw Mick George Ltd initiate its commitment to safer roads with its ‘Be Seen, Be Safe’ campaign which was specifically directed at local schools within the community to educate children on how to stay safe when in the vicinity of large commercial vehicles.

The business is now ready to go one step further launching a number of other programmes to enable safer roads within the region. This includes voluntarily extending no drive zones for their fleet of vehicles to more local villages, introducing 20mph speed limits in high risk areas as well as, sponsoring Community Roadwatch so the group can monitor HGV traffic through more villages across the region.

There is increasing frustration from local Parish Councils in Haddenham, Colne and Earith at the number of Heavy Goods Vehicles breaking routing agreements and committing motoring offences.

A spokesperson at Haddenham Parish Council said: “We are pleased to see Mick George Ltd instigating this initiative to reduce the risk to our community from HGV traffic. It is imperative that all haulage companies follow this lead and stick to their routing agreements. The noise and vibration caused by HCV traffic is a major concern of our parishioners and any means of reducing or eliminating it is to be welcomed. We are most grateful to Mick George Ltd for their efforts. It is much appreciated.”

Mick George Ltd is ready to tackle the problem head on with the principal objective to identify offenders who aren’t complying with agreements. The aim is to minimise disturbance to local residents and the potential of injury or death caused by dangerous driving.

Owen McLaughlin, Secretary of the Joint Parishes HCV Group said “For several years the HCV Group has campaigned to persuade hauliers and the relevant authorities to reduce the HCV traffic through fen villages. We were therefore delighted to hear that Mick George Ltd has decided to voluntarily ban their vehicles from these routes, unless delivering along them.  We think it is highly significant that Mick George Ltd has decided to use modern technology to enforce their policy.  We hope others will follow this example and exercise their corporate social responsibility towards our communities.”

Recent studies carried out suggest that some businesses are repeatedly breaching routing agreements and in some instances vehicles have been recorded up to 43% in excess of the legal speed limit. In addition, Mick George Ltd will also be positioning 20mph advisory speed limit signage in selected villages for their Heavy Goods Vehicles.

Joe Gossage, Transport Manager at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Road safety is paramount to Mick George Ltd and this campaign is one we are addressing with extreme importance. As well as the voluntary no drive zones that we operate within the region, the business has also invested in technology to closely monitor the exact movements of our fleet throughout the county.’’

Gossage continued: ‘’Some of the general figures that have been presented to us have been staggering and naturally a cause for concern among local communities. We are pleased to be working closely with residents and Local Parish Councils to supply the necessary resources to overcome these issues.’’


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