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While the need for ‘Insurance’ hasn’t changed over the years, the way in which it’s presented to us as consumers, and how we go about shopping for it, certainly has.

Gone are the days where we are reliant on a handful of players that dominate the market, where we know exactly where we stand and what we’re getting. Nowadays, it’s a whole different ‘ball-game’.

Every media channel is awash with somewhat annoying ‘characterisations’ attempting to attract us to comparison sites that list infinite amount of Insurance suppliers. If successful, you’re then greeted with a whole host of data capture fields, that leave us particularly vague as to what we’ve agreed to, not to mention the bombardment of marketing that will follow.

Whether you’re taking out Insurance in the first instance, or the annual renewal, each-and-every-year we all go through the same mindset, questioning the credibility of whether we’re getting the best deal, and more importantly, is the provider a dependable source that we can trust to protect our assets in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Hoping to buck that trend is Mick George Ltd, who has added a new service to its growing portfolio – Working in close partnership with Saffron Insurance Service Ltd, a long established broker with over 60 years’ experience of providing peace of mind in the sector, Mick George Ltd will be able to pass on the benefits of an independent broker to prospective customers. With over 100 insurance professionals and an office network across the East of England, we are perfectly placed to provide an excellent client service that is independently rated 5 star by FEEFO.

Unlike many other intermediaries, an in-house claims management team, with experienced specialists is on hand to support clients through the claims procedure, making it as simple and straightforward as possible. Another unique feature of the service, is the access to free GP video consultations on your smartphone.

Other advantages to the claims service include, the recovery of uninsured losses, regular updates, guaranteed courtesy car*, as well as access to specialised solicitors.

Take out an insurance policy, and as a launch promotion you’ll receive a special £30 discount bonus. What’s more, tradesmen are also able to combine vehicle and liability insurance policies for extra convenience.

mick george insurance

They said:

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’For many, the current process of taking or renewing insurance is somewhat of a mundane and inconvenient task, but the fact remains that it’s a necessity. Our aim, is to change that perception, as well as providing the local community with cost and convenience benefits, that we’ve been able to add as a consequence of the brand’s resources.’’