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MGC Flowcrete Structural Concrete

Designed by Mick George Concrete, MGC Flowcrete Structural is a uniquely designed, self-compacting, free flowing Concrete.

MGC Flowcrete Structural provides contractors and housebuilders with a high-performance solution that is compliant to the revised NHBC regulations which came into force from February 1st, 2018 - with respect of, concrete toppings to block and beam ground floor slab construction systems as an over-site application.

It can be utilised in all forms of ground support slab construction for residential, office and industrial buildings. The fluidity of MGC Flowcrete Structural ensures it completely fills an area in a homogenous matrix with extreme ease of application, adding superior strength.

MGC Flowcrete Structural Concrete delivers the following benefits:

  • Novomesh B&BA Approved Fibres
  • Concrete Mix Design
  • Application, Curing & Sustainability
  • Technical Performance & Data

MGC Flowcrete Structural Concrete incorporates Novomesh B&BA approved fibres which are a macro polymer and micro polyolefin fibre blend, meeting the requirements as stipulated by the NHBC for construction where footings are pulled after January 1st,2018.

Novomesh B&BA fibres are European Standard EN 14889-2: 2006 compliant and have been specifically engineered and manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility. 

The proprietary mix design is a blended cement combination denoted as CIIBV+SR giving good ease of placement attributes all year round and is designed to maintain fluidity for up to 2 hours, with light foot traffic optional after an initial 24hr period.

Nominal maximum aggregate size of 10mm. Typical slump-flow to SF2 classification, C28/35 strength denotation, as a proprietary concrete mix design.


Designed to be poured directly into place or, by other conventional means such as skip, crane, pumping, or machine bucket to areas of difficult access - Use of a dumper is not advised as it increases the likelihood of dynamic segregation in transit.

MGC Flowcrete Structural should not be placed in times of exceptional cold or hot weather due to interference with initial set, hardening and maturity. Full compaction will be achieved by the correct application - using other methods could hinder performance.


As with any concrete product, it is essential to cure MGC Flowcrete Structural - any failure to do so will result in loss of performance.

Except in cases where rapid access to paving is required, curing should continue for at least 3 days.


All product produced locally in the UK under strict environmental legislation.


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