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Mick George Community Video

‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ is a term that is frequently banded about in the commercial world, often used by organisations to display a perceived image of what the company stands for, how it goes about its business, and how it interacts with various stakeholders at different levels.

Unfortunately, much of the corporate world see it as a ‘Buzz’ term that is more of a hindrance, than a help, and consequently don’t pay it the attention it deserves, or conversely use it as a tool to deceive.

One company that most certainly doesn’t fall in to either of those categories is local business Mick George Ltd. The impact on the community, is firmly embedded at the very heart of everything the organisation does.

There’s no denying that some of the services offered by the company are not the most glamorous, but the fact remains that they need doing. And what’s more, there are very few firms in comparative terms, that goes to the same lengths to overcome these issues as Mick George Ltd.

To showcase their commitment to the local community, Mick George Ltd has produced a short video that provides a wonderful insight in to what, why and how the business gets involved. Click here to Watch now

mick george community video


It’s often said that ‘all publicity is good publicity’, but we’re not naïve enough to believe that’s always the case. However, the concerted investment that Mick George Ltd puts in to its community engagement programmes are certainly paying dividends and building a positive awareness of the brand.

Their participation is seemingly endless, varying from sports clubs, education, healthcare, environmental, road safety, and conservation to name just a few areas of contribution, but it’s the staggering financial contribution, that surpasses the £3m mark that really catches the eye and has had such a positive effect on local communities.

You only have to listen to some of the comments made by those directly influenced by the companies input, statements such as, ‘’significant impact’ and ‘’super sponsor’’. These aren’t just ‘off the cuff’ flippant comments, they have a genuine underlying sincerity and gratitude.

It’s not just the senior management that are pushing such engagement either. Employees throughout the business take much of the credit, actively playing their part to generate funds and support initiatives. 

As staff have such autonomy and freedom, it’s easy to see why the company is viewed as one of the major, more sought after employers in the region. It’s possible to conceive that the empowering approach offers some explanation as to how the business has managed to achieve such phenomenal growth rates.

They said:

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’It means a great deal to Mick George Ltd to support the local community in the way that it does, drawing from all areas. A lot of us within the company are born and bred in the region, and we like to be able to leave a positive legacy from the impact of our involvement.’’


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