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Mesothelioma UK Office Opening

Today marked a special moment for Leicestershire based Asbestos Charity, Mesothelioma UK as they unveiled their brand new headquarters at Greenacres, The Sidings, Leicester, LE4 3BR.

The move represents the huge development that have been achieved in Asbestos linked healthcare issues in recent times, predominantly driven by the Charity.

The big reveal was kick-started by Mesothelioma UK’s Board of Trustees Professor Mick Peake, which was then followed by a discussion on the background and future aspirations of the Charity, held by Director of Services, Liz Darlison.

A passionate speech, but it was clear to all who were in attendance the urgent action that was required, and although much progress has been made, there is still much research and movements’ to be undertaken.
The final address was by HM Lord-Lieutenant, Lady Gretton who cut-the-ribbon, and declared the new facilities, officially open.

The congregation, made up of nearly fifty patients, nurses, fundraisers and corporate sponsors, then managed to sneak-a-peak at the offices with a guided tour, as well as the opportunity to meet the wider team behind the Charities progression, whilst taking in a festive mince-pie or two.

Already a joyful occasion, the announcement was further boosted when local construction business, Mick George Ltd made a £1,000 donation towards the onging works conducted by the Charity. The two partnered earlier in the year, given there natural ties with the Asbestos industry.

Mesothelioma UK is a national specialist resource centre, dedicated to providing information, support and education for Asbestos-related-Cancer, the charity integrates into the NHS front-line to ensure professional nursing is available at the point of need, achieved through a growing network of specialist nurses (19), regionally based in NHS hospitals throughout the country.

The UK has the highest incidence of Mesothelioma in the World and it is the genuine belief of those at the heart of the Charities operations, that the current solutions available do not match the seriousness of the disease, hence the monumentous push to rectify the situation moving-forward.

Mesothelioma uk office opening

They said:

Liz Darlison, Mesothelioma UK Director of Services and Consultant Nurse at UHL, commented: “We’re currently eighteen-months in to a five-year strategy, and moving in to the new offices will play a huge part in us achieving many of the goals we’ve set out to attain. In addition to giving us a certain degree of independence, it will facilitate further expansion which is necessary for us to make advancements.’’

Steven Summerfield, Environmental Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Our experience in handling Asbestos, means we’re well placed to understand the dangers, and unfortunate outcomes if not dealt with in the appropriate manner.‘’

Summerfield continued: ‘’One of the reasons that we partnered with Mesothelioma UK is because of the amazing work they do to aid prevention, treatment and cure of Asbestos Linked Healthcare. We hope that with our support, further headway can be made, and the splendid new base that they can work from, will certainly aid continued progression.’’


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