Man with a Van, a waste revolution


‘Fly-Tipped’ waste is a quite literal dilemma residents throughout the country are becoming increasing propositioned with, and with recent media reports highlighting the scale to which inappropriate areas are becoming affected, it is most definitely a time to question why, and take action.

Significantly, Government and local Council Authorities are under scrutiny, with blame being targeted in their direction owing thanks to a range of policy changes that may have inadvertently contributed to the problem of fly-tipping.

Research indicates that many local authorities have increased fees for specific waste types, up to 15% higher in some instances, for bulky, DIY and commercial waste, which offers explanation for some regions of the country conveying over 100 separate occasions of fly-tipping activity in recent times.

Authorities would argue that the 40% reduction to core funding and additional Landfill Tax are the cause of the issue, and that the alternative would be to increase Council Tax payments across the board, which almost certainly won’t be welcomed by the majority.

Often, we search for innovative solutions that involve intense technological resource, but maybe the answer is a lot less sophisticated than that. Tackling the issue, Mick George Ltd has introduced a traditional ‘Man with a Van’ service, so that householders can dispose of all waste types, easily and cost-effectively.

A leading supplier in the waste management field, Mick George Ltd already have the necessary infrastructure, expertise and resource to avert any of the former concerns. No longer will fly-tipping be an issue, and waste will be diverted from Landfill, as Mick George Ltd will segregate accordingly at one of its transfer stations.

Regardless of waste type, material, or size, the new service will prevent any inconvenient trips to the tip, to be charged, or worse still, turned away with the items still in-hand.

All of this can be arranged at the click of a button, book your collection now.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Fly-tipping is nothing new, but the recent statistics that have been revealed are frightening and something Waste companies, authorities and government have a responsibility to cohesively resolve regardless of any stumbling blocks that we come up against.’’

Stump continued: ‘’In a world that is evolving at such a speed, there is something quite humbling and satisfying about utilising traditional services that were introduced some time ago, yet still have an important part to play in today’s society. We’re hopeful that communities embrace what we’re trying to achieve, and this will result in reduced fly-tipping.’’


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