A place that ‘man’ can take some much needed downtime, reflect and relieve stress away from others...

Always find yourself on the go, with little time to unwind or the opportunity to enjoy certain past-times? Sadly, for the majority of us the answer is usually Yes!

But, don't let your hectic lifestyles prevent you from enjoying these things any longer, get yourself a 'Man-Cave'.

A room dedicated to all your favourite things, make it what you want - Cinema, Games Room, Gym or any other.
It's not just a lad's pad either. Trust us, the girls will enjoy the peace and quiet too.......

man cave installation
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A Man-Cave can be the perfect solution to all your issues:

* Additional Space
* More Storage
* Theraputic Space
* Great for Growing Families
* Increased Privacy
* Increased Property Costs
* No Planning Permission
* Flexible Design

Often through practicality rather than choice, we have to put certain desires on hold.

We all wish to have a little extra space to grow the family, to relax in a presidential suite away from the rest of the household or perhaps take some well earned down-time in an entertainment area, but the size of our homes doesn't always permit.

A man-caven can provide the perfect solution. Why not utilise that unused space in your garden -

* Games Room
* Gym
* Cinema Room
* Family Annex
* Study
* Tool Station
* Bar
* Shrine

A typical man-cave will consist of various disciplines dependant on its eventuall purpose, but is likely to include Carpentry, Window Installation, Roofing, Insulation, Structural Work, Decorating and Electrical services.

A man-cave can be made to order with totally bespoke design.

Mick's Mates are offering 10% off, and will provide all the assistance you need in planning, designing, supplying and installing.

Book a Free No Obligation Quotation with a property audit at a time that is convenient to you.

When completing works in and around your home, sourcing quality products is challenging enough, but finding the right people to install them is another. Micks Mates did a fantastic job, keeping us in the loop at all stages.
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