Loughborough Pheonix Bowls Club

Any mobility concerns that have been voiced by both members and visitors at Loughborough Pheonix Bowls Club have been eradicated courtesy of financial support provided by local construction Company Mick George Ltd.

The previously uneven walkway that provides the main access to the playing surface and clubhouse has in recent years deteriorated to a state that has caused serious health and safety worries, prompting the Clubs’ committee to take action.

The £5,000 grant has permitted a new tarmac footpath surrounding the Bowls Green to be installed, which has seen the existing structure completely excavated and re-laid with a drainage retainer, bordering the turfed playing area.

The recent investment expands on the £40,000 that has already been spent in the last two years,to provide inviting and sustainable premises for members and the public to enjoy at the Granby Club Green facilities on Bowling Green Way.

Loughborough Pheonix Bowls Club was formed in 2015 following the merger of the youngest and oldest bowls clubs in Loughborough (Loughborough Bowls Club - formed in 1946 and Loughborough Granby Bowling Club - formed in 1899).

loughborough pheonix bowls club

They said:

Terry Whiteside, of Loughborough Pheonix Bowls Club said: ‘’As our membership consists of some senior players, it was imperative that we suitably address any issues with the footpath that caused any apprehensions. With the help of Mick George Ltd we have rectified the problem and in doing so, have produced nicer surroundings for those watching or participating.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’As the winter months set in, the condition of the footpath is only likely to worsen with the adverse weather conditions that we usually experience. It’s good to see that the Club’ has managed to complete any maintenance works ahead of the new season, although I’m sure the walkway will prove beneficial for many years to come.’’