Football Long Passes - Skills School

Mick George in association with Peterborough United FC have combined to deliver a skills school, to show various football techniques. This episode looks at the best way to make long passes.

Ryan Semple, coach at Peterbrough United FC and former player, as well as a few of the clubs academy players provide detailed examples and methods to distribute long passes.

Practice Techniques

Complete this practice exercise in pairs or groups, by positioning yourselves at least 25 yards apart.

Pass the ball back and forth, increasing the distance and speed of interaction, as you become more comfortable.

Alternate the altitude and power of the passes to further test your ability.

This is also a good time to improve your ball control as your receive it.

Tips and Advice

There are many similarities between the short and long pass.

You should always place your non kicking foot beside the ball, and firmly plant to keep your balance. Also, position your body at the intended target of the pass.

To generate more power, use the laces of your boot and lean your body slightly backwards. Likewise, make contact with the lower half of the ball to generate height and distribute over a longer distance.

Long passes will enable you to spread play and exploit space.