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Local Sponsorship RD4 2018

The abundance of applications submitted to Mick George Ltd in the most recent local sponsorship round reveals many of the exciting and wide-ranging initiatives that are being scheduled in and around the Cambridgeshire and Leicestershire regions in the coming months.

Mick George Ltd has vowed to support five three community groups with complimentary Waste Management and Aggregate services to ensure the local surroundings remain in pleasant condition in the aftermath of each occurrence.

There appears to be something for everyone, both young and old.

- Ellistown Picnic in the Park: Village Community Event
- Manea Allotment: site preparation new season
- Warboys Cricket Club: Brick Built Score Box

They said:

Jon Stump, Joint CEO at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’These annual events, upgrades and maintenance works are extremely important to each of the respective local communities. The efforts that go in to organising each of them should not be overlooked, which is why we’re always keen to show our support wherever feasible.’’


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