Local Sponsorship Round 2, 2020

Just when many were starting to lose hope that there was any life outside of lockdown, a local construction firm; the Mick George Group have made a timely announcement which will provide local communities with a positive boost.

The second round of local sponsorship support indicates that there are a number of diverse initiatives still going ahead despite the current circumstances.

Throughout Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough, the Mick George Group has vowed to support three local groups with complimentary Waste Management and Aggregate services to a value that surpasses £1,000.

There appears to be something for everyone, both young and old audiences.

- TBAP Unity Academy
- St. Ives Sea Scouts
- Midsummer Charity Ball

Stuart Costello, Marketing Director of Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’These annual events, upgrades and maintenance works are extremely important to each of the respective local communities. The efforts that go in to organising each of them should not be overlooked, which is why we’re always keen to show our support wherever feasible.’’