The weather is gradually improving which gives us all the same urge to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

After being couped up indoors for the entire Winter, make sure your garden is ready to enjoy when the sun starts to shine in its full glory.

Landscaped gardens can be designed as emphatically as you wish, from a complete makeover to subtle alterations, but one thing you can be assured of is that you, family and friends will each benefit from any changes made.

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A landscaped garden can be the perfect solution to all your issues:

* Aesthetically Pleasing
* Increased Property Value
* Health Benefits of Additional Time Outside
* Great for Growing Families
* Social Space
* Custom Design to your Preference
* No Moving Costs
* No Moving Disruption

Your garden can provide the perfect environment to unwind and relax after a long Winter, and what's more it prevents the need for you to go out on expensive and time consuming trips to external amenities.

What may not be an ideal surrounding at present, can be transformed with relevant ease.

A landscaped garden can provide the perfect solution. Why not utilise the existing space to create: 

* a Turfed Area
* a Decked Area
* Raised Sleeper Flower Beds
* a Patio
* a Decorative Stoned Area

A landscaped garden can be as comprehensive as you wish, but whatever it is that you're after all you need to know id that Mick's Mates will take care of all the plans, design drawings, product supply and installation.

Mick's Mates are offering 10% off, and will provide all the assistance you need.

Book a Free No Obligation Quotation with a property audit at a time that is convenient to you.

When completing works in and around your home, sourcing quality products is challenging enough, but finding the right people to install them is another. Micks Mates did a fantastic job, keeping us in the loop at all stages.
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