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A common pitfall of many business start-ups is the length of time it permits to transition, whereby everything is geared to putting every last bit of infrastructure in place before pro-actively going about what it is they specialise, and ultimately what it is that will determine their success. Yes, taking the product or service to market.

No one is naïve enough to understand that the main structures, processes and procedures need to be clearly defined, but those with genuine commercial prowess, are able to conduct somewhat of a balancing act, by way of speeding up that build and generating income simultaneously.

The newly formed Mick George Telecoms team is a solid example of just that. Still in its infancy, yet already they have an expanding portfolio of respected clients, the first of which was Kypol Electroplating Ltd, one of the contries leading Electroplating and Anodising’ operations, located in Sandy, Bedfordshire.

The business is focused on providing processes and consultation services for all aspects of metal finishing, on a variety of different materials. Originally formed in 1970, the family owned company has experienced its fair share of dysfunctionality, having worked across multiple sites that amounted from expansion and acquisition.

Now cohesively operating from a single site, Kypol Electroplating Ltd were keen to replicate efficiencies that have been achieved as a result, in their communication strategies, hence the decision to upgrade and partner with Mick George Telecoms.

Having ‘experienced terrible issues’ with phone and broadband services previously, that have consequently led to severe downtime and missed sales opportunities, the organisation was intent on not being ‘bitten’ again, so went about scouring the market in great depth.

Content with their original proposition from BT, Kypol Electroplating Ltd were pressing ahead. It was not until they became aware of the superior ‘hosted solution’ from Mick George Telecoms, that such plans were abandoned.

As well as total savings up to 60% amassed from a unique ‘lifetime license’ package, it was the ‘business continuity’ factor, and in particular, the functionality surrounding automatic disaster recovery, that eventually sealed the deal, breathing confidence in to the prospective buyers.

Rishi Kapoor, owner of Kypol Electroplating Ltd said: ‘’It is important for a business such as ours, to have total confidence in all external service providers that impact on the day-to-day running of our business. Mick George Ltd is a respected brand that we trust. Not only are they providing technically advanced solutions, but as with the rest of their business functions, we know the level of support will be top-notch.’’

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They said:

Kapoor continued: ‘’It’s not just the telephone system that’s been improved either, internal cabling has also been rerouted. Their ability to provide multiple communication services is a major plus from a convenience perspective.‘’

Spokesperson at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The service is starting to gain traction, and we are pleased with the new partnerships that we’ve formed. It is an exciting time for the Telecoms division, and one we’re hoping to grow rapidly.‘’