Kings Ripton Village Hall

What it lacks in size, the small village of King’s Ripton, Huntingdonshire, certainly makes up for in charm with its aesthetically pleasing cottages and half-timbered house structures sporadically positioned throughout.

Home to a mere 80-dwellings or so, it is fair to say that the village isn’t blessed with a huge variety of amenities nearby, and subsequently restricts the 222-strong population to just the 13th Century Grade I listed Church building and the Village Hall, for any recreational facilities.

The latter of which, a former school building that survived the Victorian era, has since become a victim of physical dilapidation due to limited fund availability to maintain the building.

All that has now changed, thanks to a £5,450 grant from local construction business Mick George Ltd, which has permitted essential refurbishment works to make the venue a much more pleasing space.

The flat-roof has been renewed, insulation replaced, and ventilation installed, all geared towards ensuring that the Hall’ is a more desirable and practical location, as well as providing heating utility efficiencies, all year-round.

Historically, the design and layout of the Garden’ area has placed too much demand on volunteers to preserve its appearance and for that reason has become a forgotten feature. Since the changes, this once weed-infested back-yard is now a practical and welcoming environment. Given the absence of any evident social spaces within the village, the Garden’ will undoubtedly be a grateful addition.

The project arose as direct response to a consultation actioned by the Parish Council as part of their wider ‘Parish Plan’. The feedback clearly identified the necessity for improved social spaces for inhabitants to hold meetings, lectures, recreation and leisure time activities.

kings ripton village hall

They said:

Michael Krause, Parish Councillor said: ‘’These improvements will make the Village Hall a more enjoyable place to be, encouraging much more use. The Hall’ is the village's only public space and imperative in keeping a close-knit community within the village. We’re very grateful to Mick George Ltd for their contribution.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The village of Kings Ripton is closely situated to our Head Office and central to our core operating regions. We are always appreciative of the support that we receive from local residents and would endeavour to give something back wherever feasible.’’

Stump continued: ‘’Evidently, the issues here are financial rather than any absence of care, and that shouldn’t be a reason that a building of such rich heritage should be left to decay.’’