Charity Boxing Night

In excess of 300 people turned out in force at Vic’s Gym, Peterborough, for a special Charity Boxing night, delivered by local business Mick George Ltd.

The occasion saw employees from various divisions within the company go head-to-head in seven separate encounters, while colleagues, family, friends and associates, vocally expressed their support.

For the past 10 weeks, the fighters have been put through their paces in preparation for the evening, by Gym owner Vic Imbriano and fellow mentor and ex-professional boxer, Tommy Martin.

Their efforts were gamely rewarded as each of the contests certainly surpassed expectation. Although the matches were all approached in the charitable nature intended, the competitive edge definitely kicked-in once the ring-bell was sounded to signal the commencement of each tie.

Five of the Seven fights went the full distance, with only two stopped prematurely – although for good reason.

The main boxing action was reinforced with other fundraising activities, which altogether generated a commendable amount that will be distributed to the businesses charity partners.

charity boxing night

They said:

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd. commented: ‘’Historically we’ve hosted some fantastic charity events, but this was the first of this kind. Having said that, just like those previously, it was another enjoyable and successful occasion.’’

Stump Continued: ‘’Those involved in the evening, fighters, spectators, organisers and trainers each deserve a lot of credit. We’re very grateful to Vic and his team for their time and use of the facilities.’’