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Key Worker Status

Our operating status at present reflects the advice dispersed from UK Government and many other influential figureheads.

Key Worker Status

In response to some of the discontent surrounding the continuation of services operated by the Mick George Group, we would reiterate that our status at present reflects the advice dispersed from UK Government and many other influential figureheads, of whom are best placed to offer such advice.

To date, the Prime Minister has not sanctioned any restrictions of note within the Construction Industry, other than to inform site workers to follow the social distancing guidelines set out by Public Health England.

These instructions have been echoed by Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Housing, Communities and Local Government Secretary Robert Jenrick, both of which are more experienced than many others offering unfounded opinions, on the full complexity of the situation.

However, we recognise our responsibilities as an employee and service provider, and as such our priority remains to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all business stakeholders, employees and customers alike. Throughout our business, we have implemented wide ranging precautionary measures to facilitate improved hygiene and sanitisation and ensure social distancing guidelines are observed.

All of our office based staff who can work from home are working remotely whilst those who can only work in the office are adhering to a number of safeguarding measures.

At this point, it is worth referencing that much of the work that is currently being conducted by the business is to support key infrastructure that has never been more important than in the present climate.

We’re providing aggregate supply and waste management services to essential highway projects which will be critical for Emergency Service transportation, as well as Concrete to supermarket chain developments, that will enable food distribution to all communities. And then there’s the schools and hospitals that we serve too. Not discounting the fuel we supply to power stations nationwide.

From a domestic point of view, our facilities are utilised for household-bin waste that is collected by a number of local councils across Norfolk, Cambs and Northants. If these sites were to close, where does this waste go? or does the service stop? We understand and share much of the anxieties that are present among some vocal opposition, but we would ask them to consider the ‘bigger picture’, as we have.

Beyond that, at present there is no confirmed ‘package’ set out for self-employed workers, many of which reside within the Construction Industry. The fact that us, like many other suppliers to the sector are still operational, means that these workers are still able to earn a full wage. If we, or others were to stop, these people would suffer financially.

Whilst we acknowledge that we have continued to serve residential markets due to householder demand, measures have been implemented to ensure there is absolutely no contact with the householder other than on the phone. No different to any other mail order delivery process.

We are doing everything within our powers to ensure our operations remain a safe environment and are adhering to all regulations from the UK Government. We continue to monitor the situation closely and are acting accordingly to ensure we can continue to support the essential services.

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