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Innovative Ways To Use Garden Trellis

Trellis are pieces of open framework that are best to show climbing plants off in your garden. However, with a bit of creative thinking, they can also be used for multiple other purpose.

Five innovative ways to use trellis in your garden

Trellis are pieces of open framework that are best to show climbing plants off in your garden. However, with a bit of creative thinking, they can also be used as ornamental features in their own right – as a privacy screen, a structural accent or a decorative boundary marker.

Typically garden trellis is made from wood, although it can also be made from other materials like metal, bamboo or plastic. Trellis panels come in all shapes and sizes can add real interest to your garden. Here are some of our favourite ways to use Trellis creatively in your garden.

Support vertical planting

Want to make your garden feel like a traditional English country garden? One of the best ways to do this is have plants like climbing honeysuckle, rambling roses, clematis and wisteria supported by trellis around your garden.

Trellis panels allow some of the most glorious plants and colourful foliage to take centre stage when supporting vertical planting. Use them to effectively show off climbing plants in parts of the garden that would otherwise be out of the way, or perhaps affix panels either side of your front door as the perfect way to frame the entrance.

Privacy screening

In smaller gardens or smaller seating areas, trellis panels are stylish ways to frame that space while allowing light and air to continue to circulate. Carefully chosen evergreen vines and plants provide as much or a little privacy as are looking for.

Is your garden heavily overlooked by neighbouring properties? You can benefit by adding short trellis panels to the tops of walls and fences for additional privacy without blocking light into your garden.


Trellis can be a fantastic way to partition areas of your outside space. You may want to separate your vegetable plot from the more ornamental areas of your garden, or create an separated play area for children. You could designate a specific area for your pets to play or section larger gardens into smaller outdoor “rooms,” each with their own design and feel.


When painted and affixed to walls, trellis panels can be used to add interest to large areas of boring blank space in your garden.

Why not try adding a row of evenly spaced panels to exterior garage walls, or break up a courtyard with striking splashes of colour? You don’t even have to have the trellis supporting any plants, it will still add a unique element to your garden space.


Trellis panels can be an ideal way to disguise areas of your garden you don’t want to be seen such as compost heaps, bin stores or storage areas.

An easy way to box in untidy outdoor utility areas is to paint your trellis dark grey or black to make it recede into the background, or brighter colours like red, blue or orange to make it a focal feature. Evergreen climbing plants like star jasmine will conceal those things that you prefer not to have on show.

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