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Infrastructure in Safe Hands with Mick George Ltd


For one reason, or another, all commercial industries are faced with challenging times or difficult situations throughout their existence, and the Construction Industry is no different. What is important is how they approach and look to combat such conditions.

With such inevitability, the importance of central bodies that represent the industry is increasingly heightened. One of such kind is the UK’s ‘Civil Engineering Contractors Association’ (CECA) assisting companies who work day-to-day to deliver, upgrade, and maintain the country's infrastructure.

With more than 300 members split across eight regions, CECA represents firms who together carry out an estimated 70-80 per cent of all civil engineering activity in the UK, in the key sectors of transport, energy, communications, waste and water. The body accounts for the interests of over three hundred firms employing close to 250,000 people and delivering work worth around £15 billion every year.

One of the major discussion points currently impacting on the Construction Industry is the Apprenticeship Levy. At present, the Construction Industry Training Body (CITB), another like-minded figure is in the process of formulating a proposal to reduce the existing contribution of qualifying industry firms from 0.5% to 0.35%.

Local company Mick George Ltd has recently renewed its long-running membership with CECA, and will most certainly be interested in the developments of such activities. The business which now employs over 1000 people, with forcast turnover surpassing £100m annually, is making concerted efforts to embrace the changes.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd. ‘’Individually it is difficult for small, medium or large organisations in our industry to be acknowledged on wider matters, but collectively, all viewpoints are likely to be recognised. CECA, and their close relationships with government and media ensure that member expertise are expressed at national, regional and local levels.’’

Stump Continued: ‘’Like us, investment is being made with schools, colleges and apprenticeship schemes, to entice new entrant engagement within the workforce to meet recent employment obligations.’’

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