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Things To Consider When Buying A Shed

Purchasing a garden shed can take time to decide as there are many different things to consider.

What are the most important things to consider when buying a shed?

Purchasing a garden shed can take time to decide as there are many different things to consider. Some features to think about are size, materials and whether you are looking for something of a more temporary nature or do you want a shed that will last a lifetime? Looking for a simple shed for storage, or something more elaborately designed, we can help you find the shed for you with our guide below.


The first thing to consider is, what are you planning on using your shed for? Those of you who simply need a storage space for garden equipment or seasonal furniture won’t need many windows or insulation. If you’re looking for something to be a stand-out feature in your garden, or a fully-equipped workshop for working in, you will want to think about buying something more hard-wearing and heavy duty with a longer life-span.


Most sheds are going to be positioned in a fairly visible spot in gardens, so how your shed looks is an important point to consider when purchasing.

If you are looking for a shed that you and your friends can admire and stands proud in your garden, then there are a number of ways you can add your own uniqueness to your shed. Where you want the building to be situated in the garden? Do you want to nestle it in amongst trees and shrubs and partially hidden, or do you want it to stand on its own, maybe on a patio or paving area? Answering these question will help you be able to start thinking about paint colours or wood stains that you may want to use.

Don’t forget you also need to think about window styles, roof overhangs and cladding types that can also broaden your scope for style options.

Year-round Use

You might want your shed to be usable all year-round if you use it as a workshop or a hobby room rather than just as simple storage. If this is the case, there are several features that you will need to include such as insulation in the walls, and even the ceiling and floor will give you the best results and keep you warm while you work inside. Tidy the insulation up with internal lining and make sure the windows are double glazed to really help with temperature control.

Finally, having electrics installed is the biggest feature to aid with year-round usage, with lights and plug sockets to provide you with light, power and heat all through the year! Heat is an important factor, as it will help keep damp at bay in the winter months.


It’s important to carefully measure and determine the size of the outdoor space where you want the shed to be placed. Is it big enough for what you want? Can you move it elsewhere if you need something bigger? The one thing you don’t want is for your new shed to arrive, and you realise it isn’t big enough for your needs.

It can be useful to do a layout of the floorplan and figure out what you have and where you want different items to go from a storage perspective to ensure it is the right size for you. Don’t forget it’s useful to have some additional space left over in case you pick more items that need storage.


Sheds often contain valuable items like power tools, lawn mowers etc, therefore, security might be a concern for you. Whether you just want a padlock or something more heavy duty, it is definitely something worth considering for your building.

Once you have considered all these options, why not head on over to our Shed products and see which Shed is right for you?

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