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How to build a pizza oven

Learn how to build a pizza oven in your garden in just 5 simple steps…

Build your own wood fired pizza oven

A home pizza oven is ideal for those who love the flavour of a wood fired pizza. Having a pizza oven at your disposal in your own garden is any home chef’s dream.

Learn how to build a pizza oven in your garden in just 5 simple steps…

1 – Place & Base

Once you’ve chosen the perfect place of the pizza oven in your garden, you’ll need to make the foundations of your oven. The easiest way to do this is by digging a hole and pouring cement into it. After it has solidified, you can assemble the walls of the base. An easy way to do this is you can use cement slabs or small lintels as flagstones, especially if you plan to store some wood under the oven while cooking.

You also need to ensure you leave two open walls to ensure better airflow and to keep the wood dryer.

2 – Bottom Insulation

Once you’ve completed the base, it’s time for some good old fashioned bricklaying. For the bottom layer walls you can use normal red bricks and cement. After completing the outline, the next step is making the insulation layer. This step is very important, as proper insulation is key to a successful pizza oven.

3 – Oven Floor

Once the insulation layer is set and ready, the floor takes priority. Before you start laying fire bricks, firstly you have to put a layer of build soil mix under them. This provides a firm base without the need of clay or cement. Start with the best fitting bricks in the middle and work your way outward.

4 – Dome

Next up,  draw an outline of your dome on the floor bricks, using a marker pen since this will be visible even if the bricks get wet whilst you are working on it. You’ll need a lot of clay, at least 10-13 litre buckets worth and even more sand will be required for the mixture and for the form. When making the sand form, use a stick to measure height in the middle so you’ll know how high you’ll need to go. The sand form should be compacted down and shaped into a perfect dome. After you complete that, put a layer of dampened newspapers onto it as this will help when emptying the finished dome.

After that, you need to make the clay-sand mix. The first layer of the dome should be around 10cm thick. Grab a handful of the mixture, make it into a solid ball and add one by one from the bottom until the top is reached. When it’s ready, you can even out the surface with a plastering trowel into a perfect dome.

5 – Finishing touches

Before you start thinking about that delicious Margherita you are about to make, you’re going to have to wait for the dome to dry to the point that it won’t collapse. Depending on what time of the year you make it, it may take up to 3 weeks for everything to settle. If it starts to rain, you need to keep the whole oven under a tarpaulin until it is sufficiently dry.

Once it’s sufficiently dry, the time has come for cutting out the mouth hole and removing the inner sand form. While cutting the mouth, you should keep in mind that the door should at least be 63% of the total dome height.

All there is left to do now is to add two layers of sand and clay mixed with some straw to properly insulate the dome.

Materials Required

Skip / Sand  / Cement /Soil/ Cement slabs

Mick’s Handy Tips:

Remember to hire a skip to remove all the garden waste that will be created from your fantastic garden project.

Why not supplement your beautiful new Pizza Oven with brand-new fencing to really compliment your garden, especially as your neighbours will be trying to peep over your fence to see what is making that delicious smell!

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