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01.08.2016 - How to build a Picket Fence

Enhance your Landscape Boundary!

When deciding the right fence for your property, consider its functionality. If you are simply looking to create a distinctive, attractive and subtle boundary then a palisade picket fence is the perfect option for you.

1. Preparation – Measure the length of the area where you want the fence to sit, placing stakes in the ground at each end. Connect a taught string line between the stakes as a guide. Ensure the stakes run parallel to the desired path of the fence.

2. Install End Posts – Dig a hole, 2 inches diameter x 2ft deep on the inside of one of the stakes. Fill with four inches of gravel for the base before inserting 8ft 4x4 post. Apply dry Concrete around the post and tamp down. Use a three-way level to ensure the post is standing level. Repeat at the other end, again ensuring the face is parallel with the first post.

3. Add Interior Posts – Transfer the string lines to the posts. Whatever the length of your fence, split the space in to equal sections at 8ft intervals marking the string line with masking tape. Repeat the hole digging and post installation process from above for each internal post making sure they all run parallel. 

4. Prepare Support Rails – Allow posts to set for 24hours. Cut 2x4 fence rails in to 8ft lengths. From the base of each post, measure up 12 inches for the lower support rail and 36 inches for the upper. Mark the back of the post at 90’ degrees.

5. Install Support Rails – Attach the rails using 3 inch screws. The marks should serve as the top edge of the rails, with each rail butting against the next one on each post, and flush for the end posts. Double check all rails are level.

6. Add Pickets – .Lay out the Pickets at 2 or 3 inch intervals, use a spacer and mark the support rails. Place a 2x4 baton on the ground below the rails to ensure your pickets remain 2 inches from the ground. Attach the pickets with screws.

7. Cut and Cap posts – Trim the fence posts 2 inches below the top edge of the pickets and cap the posts with finials.

Micks Handy Tips – Why not supplement your beautiful new Picket Fence with some Decorative Stone to add those all important extra touches.

Materials required: Gravel, Concrete, Pickets, Fence Posts and Fence Rails

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