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Building a home cinema in your garden

Building a cinema in your back garden has never been simpler!

How to build a home cinema in your garden

Everyone has always wanted to have a cinema in their back garden, right?

Building a cinema in your back garden has never been simpler!

Follow these steps to get yourself prepared ready for those long summer evenings…

1 – Creating the set up

First up, you’ll need to get the basics of your cinema setup complete with the electronic equipment. For this you’ll need a screen and a projector.

You can either buy an outdoor cinema screen or just string up an old bed sheet for better picture quality results without the price tag!

Place the projector on a small table about 2m back from your screen, we’ve used some our timber and that worked like a charm. Turn the projector on and do some adjustments until you’re happy with the picture on your screen. You may need to move the projector closer or further away from the screen or adjust the focus or image size.

2 – Seating

Having somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy the movie is crucial, nobody wants to be uncomfortable whilst watching their favourite flick! Mick George have an excellent range of garden furniture which will keep you and your guests comfortable while watching.

You want to set up the seating area approximately 3-5m back from the screen for comfortable viewing. The right distance will depend on the space of your movie setup and how many guests you’ll have coming over.

3 – Lighting

Outdoor lights don’t just look pretty, they help light your way for when you need to top up your snack bowl or duck out to the loo during the film! We recommend setting up your ambient lighting on your fence to really give it that cinematic feel.

4 – Snacks

Before you settle in to enjoy your film, don’t forget the all-important movie snacks.

Materials Required

Timber / Fencing / Recycling / Garden Furniture

Mick’s Handy Tips:

Why not supplement your beautiful new home cinema with brand-new turf so if you run out of space for your guests, they can sit somewhere comfortable without having to bring furniture themselves.

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