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How to build a Garden Office

A beautiful Garden Office is probably on everyone’s DIY list in the current circumstances we are in…

How to build a Garden Office

A beautiful Garden Office is probably on everyone’s DIY list in the current circumstances…

Learning how to build a Garden Office from scratch is one of the most productive ventures you could ever invest your time, effort and resources into.

Step 1: Location – During the first phase of the project, you must initially choose your site or the piece of land where you will build or construct the garden office. Dig some holes that would serve as the places to put in the necessary footings of your garden.

Step 2: Concrete – You can lay out your foundation and complete the frame that shows the full feature or size of the garden office of your choice. You can use 4 Concrete blocks which carefully and stably sit on the concrete foot plates as support to the frame of the structure. You can add more blocks if you need a much stronger frame. Make sure the Concrete blocks allow a few inches from the ground to the building in order to ensure good airflow.

Step 3: Concrete – Finish the base or foundation of the garden office as the initial phase to build a garden office from scratch. Make sure all the supporting points are covered from the concrete blocks to the joists of the frame.

Step 4: Wood – In building the walls for the garden office, you can use some reclaimed wood for the wall construction. We recommend using wood such like softwood for example. Although reclaimed wood is highly recommended, it is also best to choose wood species and features that guarantee proper and quality insulation.

Step 5: Insulation – Finish the base, put more insulation in the foundation, and lay the floor. After the floor insulation, make sure you also insulate the walls as you continue to complete the structure. Finish the walls including the front, windows, and doors. The next step is to install and finish the roof before you get the doors on.

Step 6: Door – Installing the Garden Office door is one of the most important stages when you build a garden office from scratch. You can opt for a dual door that easily lifts into place while the hinges could be easily screwed into the building frame.

Materials Required

Skip / Concrete / Softwood /Turf / Joists

Mick’s Handy Tips:

Why not supplement your beautiful new Garden Office with brand-new lawn turf to really compliment the outside of your Garden Office.

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