How to apply

Every year Mick George Ltd proudly supports a variety of local events, sporting teams and community projects. Support is provided in different ways from a commitment of time, supply of resource, plus materials and specialist equipment.

Those that have benefitted from this support in recent years range from sports clubs, charitable organisations, community groups and many more all of whom are providing much needed community support. 

If you would like us to consider your request for support, please complete the form below with as much detail as possible in the relevant boxes. We have an internal selection group who consider all applications submitted. The scheduled dates for review meetings and the closing date for each round can be seen in the table below:

How To Apply
Review meetings Closing dates
1st week - January 31st December
1st week - April 31st March
1st week - July 30th June
1st week - October 30th September


We also offer wider support through our Landfill Tax Community Scheme which is coordinated and managed by Grantscape, a registered charity who have a separate application process which details can be found here.

If you are looking for Financial support, please select one of the two options relating to your request:

- Community based project, exceeding £1,000 in value, please apply through the Grantscape fund.

- Sports Clubs and initiatives, applying for Financial support of between £500 and £1,500, please apply through the Mick George Sports Fund here


Charity of the year
We are so grateful that the team at Mick George Ltd chose to help us with this project. Patients, visitors and staff alike will get a great deal of benefit from the garden and we are excited to see it blossom in the months and years to come.
Stephen Davies, Chief Executive of Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust