Houghton & Wyton Playing Fields

The excessive use of Houghton and Wyton (H&W) playing fields has meant that subsequent maintenance works have been required to cope with demand, making it an all round more pleasurable and safer facility for residents to enjoy.

The project was initiated following a consultation whereby 79% of local respondents requested improved parking amenities. H&W parish council was successful in a recent application to the Mick George Community Fund, with the business investing in excess of £25,000 to the development.

The extended car park is set to relieve pressures on local roads, verges and common land as well as improving the opportunity to host more private-hire or organised village events including the annual fete and music festival that generate much needed funds for the village.

Playing Fields

Lois Dale, Clerk to Houghton & Wyton Parish Council said: ‘’The Parish Council are very grateful to the Mick George Community Fund for providing the grant for the extension of the Playing Field car park. The original area was unsuitable, causing congestion and safety issues in the nearby vicinity due to the over flow of vehicles.’’

The works included, expanding the existing car-park, laying a ‘grasscrete’ surface, re-seeding, erecting fencing and gates, in addition to a height restrictive barrier at the road entrance.

Currently the site is occupied on a daily basis by an ever increasing number of sports clubs and visiting teams, from the 8 youth and 2 adult cricket teams, 2 football teams, 6 bowls teams, cubs, beavers, tennis club, fitness training, line dancing and general public.

Jon Stump, Finance Director of Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The change has been incredible. It’s nice when we’re able to support projects that will clearly benefit multiple users for various reasons.’’

Stump continued: ‘’The scheme has proven invaluable to many local communities, helping to create, restore and protect a whole array of landmarks and projects. Since 2010 when the programme was launched, in excess of £1million has been invested in over thirty individual developments.’’


Charity of the year
We are so grateful that the team at Mick George Ltd chose to help us with this project. Patients, visitors and staff alike will get a great deal of benefit from the garden and we are excited to see it blossom in the months and years to come.
Stephen Davies, Chief Executive of Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust