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01.02.16 - Home & Garden Tips - Gravel Driveway

Thinking of laying a new Driveway this Spring?

Rather than the traditional concrete, hardcore or paved surface commonly expected, more and more widely used is the Gravel foundation alternative.

Easy on the eye for aesthetic purposes, with a range of sizes, colour and textures available but also provides multiple practical benefits too, including easy drainage.

Seven Easy Steps How to....

1 - Prepare the ground - remove any paving slabs etc. and dispose of in a skip

2 - Lay a base of Crusher Run - if you need to raise the level or if it's uneven

3 - Roll or whacker plate the Crusher-Run base
4 - Laydown a fabric membrane - to cover the entire area, preventing any weeds from creeping through on your driveway - you can edge it if you wish with sleepers or bricks but this is not necessary

5 - Order you chosen Gravel or crushed slate - You will want 20mm for a driveway - it is easy to walk on and will not scatter as easily or get stuck in tyre treads as a 10mm would; any larger than a 20mm and you will find it very difficult to walk over

6 - Spread the Gravel over the membrane - at a depth of 1 - 1.5 inches

7 - Get a cuppa and admire your new gravel driveway - you're all done

Materials Required
> Shovel > Skip > Gravel > Crusher Run >Anti Weed Membrane > Decorative Slate > Roller

Micks Handy Tips
Why not supplement your new Gravel Driveway with some Decorative Slate to add those all important extra touches.

Images supplied by local gardening expert - Cambs Landscaping Ltd.


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