Higham Ferrers Junior School: Playground

Higham Ferrers Junior School hasn’t hung around in its pursuit of improving the existing playground facilities following a successful grant application from local business Mick George Ltd.

Just four months back, the School was the fortunate beneficiary of a £21,858 grant, and already they have managed to transform the original tarmac space, in to an artificial surface suitable for a whole array of leisure and educational purposes.

The official unveiling took place this afternoon, and what a splendid occasion it was. Out in force, all students and teachers were present as Rachel Day, the student who aptly named the venue the ‘Super Skills Arena’ cut the ribbon.

Once the formalities were out of the way, Peterborough United Football Club player Jack Marriott and mascot ‘Peter-Burrow’ were on hand to entertain the onlookers. Coincidently, the school has its very own Jack Marriott Jnr. among its students, so it seemed only right that the two went head-to head in a light-hearted penalty shootout, which got the loudest cheer of the day.

The project arose due to the lack of ‘green-space and facilities’ highlighted in the school’s asset management plan, which subsequently prompted the Governors’ to take immediate action. research discovered that children weren’t participating in exercise enough and that was partly down to the facilities available.

Although the 365 pupils at the school will evidently profit from the changes, specifically during PE lessons, break-times and out of school sport activities, the wider 7,100 local population were as much a driving force behind the initiative as anything else.

Community consultation emphasised that there is generally insufficient outdoor space for cub, girl-guides, nursery or youth club groups’, to function as well.

The school which caters for children aged 7-11 holds a mission for students ‘to be the best they can be’, which is reliant on a balanced curriculum that contains aspects of academic, pastoral and physical education. The environmental upgrade is only likely to help in achieving that goal. Not to mention the wider target to comply with the Governments health agenda, nationally.

higham ferrers skills arena

They said:

Jo Longlands, Business Manager at Higham Ferrers Junior School said: ‘’The initiative is sure to have a hugely positive impact to both pupils and the local community alike. We extend our gratitude to Mick George Ltd for their fantastic contribution.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd. commented: ‘’We have, and will continue to support projects that offer educational or health related advantages, and even more so if it does both as it does on this occasion.’’