High Performance Concrete

Our new specially formulated high-performance concrete can be used to create stronger and more durable floor slab with less shrinkage and increased bay sizes to minimise joints compared to those constructed with conventional concrete.

Higher compressive and flexural strengths are achieved enabling a reduction in slab thickness, providing an improved environment profile. High quality finishes can be achieved without power floating with the option to polish for enhanced aesthetics. Find out more.....

Product offerings include: Cemfloor HPC SCC / Cemfloor HPC SCC Fibres (Poly Fibres) / Cemfloor HPC SCC Structural (Macro Fibres) / Cemfloor HPC SCC SF (Steel Fibres)


Characteristics / Benefits



Our HPC is compatible with all floor coverings, and all cementicious adhesives including fast track systems. The slabs moisture content should be measured before placing floor coverings to ensure that it is adequately dried. HPC will not require any sanding to remove surface laitance but it is recommended to lightly abrade the surface to clean and remove any residue.


After placing the floor, it should not be subjected to severe draughts, direct sunlight or heating for the first 24-48 hours. The room in which the HPC has been installed should therefore be sealed during this time. The room should be ventilated after 24-48 hours by opening windows and doors during the day to aid the drying process.