Football Headers - Skills School

Mick George in association with Peterborough United FC have combined to deliver a skills school, to show various football techniques. This episode looks at the best way to header.

Ryan Semple, coach at Peterbrough United FC and former player, as well as a few of the clubs academy players provide detailed examples and methods to best apply yourself when heading in an attacking or defensive situation.

Practice Techniques

It is best to practice to do this in pairs or groups to replicate a match situation. 

Have one person crossing the ball in to an area, and whether you're practicing attacking headers or defensive, get others to act statically as the opposition. 

Alternate the flight of the ball from short to long distance, and fast or slow speed, as this will differentiate the way you attack the ball in the air.

If you are practicing on your own, simply throw the ball against a wall and head the rebound.

Tips and Advice

Whether attacking or defending, you should remember a few basic techniques which always apply.

Keeping your eyes on the ball at all times is vital. Equally as important is judging the flight of the ball and adjusting your body position accordingly. 

The timing of your jump will dictate the outcome or success of your header. To generate more power, tense your neck muscles.

Always use your forehead to header. When attacking, you should direct your header downwards and towards the corner of the goal. If defending, header the bottom of the ball to direct it upwards, generating a greater distance.