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29.04.2016 - Get ready for the summer - Lay a new Patio

Make your patio the perfect location to entertain friends, play with the family, take in the sun or simply just relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Mick George Ltd will soon offer a huge range of paving slabs, in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to give your garden the look you desire.

8 Easy Steps How to…….

1. ‘Dry’ lay patio – to double check size, layout and material quantities before setting

2. Dig foundations – Dig out minimum 300mm depth below the damp proof course for foundation mix and paving. Allow 1cm fall for every 60cm of width to ensure drainage

3. Foundation base – Create firm foundation using concrete mix of all in one Ballast with 1 part cement, add water and mix before laying and levelling to a 75mm depth across entire area

4. Patio mortar – apply mortar bed to support the whole slab not just the corners. Mix 6 parts sharp sand to 1 part cement, add water to dampen but not to wet or runny

5. Prepare paving – Set up 2 taut string lines, running length and width, to guide the line and level of the paving

6. Lay paving – Working from the corner outwards, lower the slabs into place, tapping repeatedly with a rubber mallet until settled and leave for 24 hours

7. Join paving – Use mortar mix of 3 parts building sand to 1 part cement, add water for smooth consistency and trowel in to the joints, smoothing along the way

8. Get a cuppa and admire your new artificial lawn – you’re all done

Materials Required –
 - Shovel - Skip - Paving Slabs - Ballast & Sand - String Line & Spirit Level - Pointing Trowel - Rubber Mallet

Micks Handy Tips –
Why not supplement your beautiful new patio with some Decorative Slate to add those all important extra touches.


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