Taking pride in your garden is a must if you want to maintain that crisp outdoor look. At Mick George, we stock a wide range of hoses that will help you achieve this.

We stock hardy, durable garden hoses of various lengths, allowing you to easily carry out the required tasks when it comes to watering your garden.

Our hose products are designed to deliver exceptional levels of performance, allowing you to cover your garden in super quick time.

Many of the hoses we sell are designed to help users easily cover wide areas. We stock hoses of lengths including 8m, 15m, 30m and even 50m, meaning you can water your outdoor areas and plants easily and effectively across a superb distance.

The selection of hose pipes we stock are also designed to make using them as easy as possible. That means more resistance to kinks and twist, letting you enjoy watering rather than getting frustrated as the water flow gets interrupted.

Multiple Uses

As well as keeping plants and flowers happy and healthy, our selection of hoses are great for cleaning patio areas, walls and other parts of the garden.

They can also be extremely helpful when it comes to washing the car, cleaning bicycles or removing dirt from your collection of outdoor tools and garden machinery.

Additionally, if you’re going to purchase a new flexible hose, be sure to take a look at our hose cart options.

Don’t put off making a great purchase for your garden today and get hold of an excellent hose product from Mick George.

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