A properly pruned plant will not only look fantastic in your garden, but holistically will be much healthier. Dead and diseased branches can damage your garden, so it’s important to have a range of excellent tools ready to deal with them when the need arises. A properly pruned plant will be able to absorb sunlight on every part of the plant and grow much more quickly than a plant left neglected.

Compact handheld pruners are ideal for dealing with hedges and other smaller plants where everything’s at arm’s reach, where-as loppers are suited to reaching that little bit extra, to tackle branches that are hard to reach. For particularly thick branches, a pruning saw might be most suitable for the task, and we sell both 160mm and 225mm variety saws. With such a great range, there’s no doubt you’ll find the ideal pruning tool you and your garden needs.

Not quite what you had in mind? Discover our collection of axes and splitting wedges.

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