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Fernie Fields Storage Unit

The popular Fernie Fields location in Moulton has been the recent beneficiary of a £8,500 grant from local business Mick George Ltd which has permitted the installation of a new equipment storage unit.

The funding will contribute towards the entire £24,000 cost and follows the earlier purchase of key machinery which is anticipated to further improve the appeal of the recreational grounds for more community engagement, while diversifying the offering.

The recent investment is a consequence of a change in control of responsibility for the locations maintenance which now falls under the Sports and Social club after the retirement of the groundsman who had previously maintained the premises for many years with minimal resource.

Fernie Fields Sports and Social Club currently provides safe and secure green space for various sports and community groups including; Sileby Rangers FC, Whyte Meville Bowling Club and Sports 4 Fitness CiC.

They said:

Steve Tebbutt, Fernie Fields Sports Club at Mick George Ltd said: ‘’Having access to our field maintenance equipment on site in a secure location will make a vast difference to the upkeep of the grounds as it will cut out much of the logistics. We’re grateful to Mick George Ltd for their generosity.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd: ‘’The upkeep of the facilities used for grass roots sport is something that many overlook, but it’s importance is undeniable. Put simply, without a suitable location to hold such activities, would mean that many of these highly attended groups would have to stop. That isn’t something that any of us want as we know the positive impact it can have particularly on youngsters, so if there is anything we can do to help, then we will.’’


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