Fenstanton Outdoor Gym

The residents of Fenstanton have been given a helping hand in kick-starting any new year’s resolutions thanks to an impressive new multi-purpose outdoor gym that has been installed at Cranesbrooke / Hampton Close Football Field.

Courtesy of a £20,000 donation from local construction firm Mick George Ltd, a 9-piece fitness apparatus will allow individuals to put themselves through exercise and training regimes to test various bodily functions.

Whether you’re looking to bulk or tone up, or simply a little ‘Cardio’ activity, the new facilities will certainly assist with any desire to develop a healthy lifestyle.

The leisure amenity is predominantly targeted to those aged 14 upwards, as a location for practical work-outs, however the design of the setting has been carefully considered to simultaneously encourage social interaction.

Given the rural location of the village and with the nearest traditional Gym located outside of the village, this should be an ideal solution for youths to get themselves active.

It is anticipated that a new gravel path will be installed at a later date to ease accessibility to the equipment.

Fenstanton Outdoor Gym

They said:

Annette Eggett, Clerk and responsible finance officer of Fenstanton Parish Council said: ‘’We are now able to offer free exercise to those not able to join a gym to help parishioners keep fit, reduce stress and interact with each other. We are extremely grateful to Mick George Ltd for their valuable contribution.’’

“A large proportion of the local community already partake in regular exercise and have now started incorporating sessions on the new equipment as part of their schedules. Interestingly, it has also inspired those that are not so familiar with exercise routines to use the equipment as well.’’

Jon Stump, Joint CEO at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Health awareness is a topic that has been particularly prevalent within the last decade and has led to a huge surge in traditional Gym settings. As with everything, this concept has evolved to outdoor facilities that are more accessible to wider communities, and with good reason. I’m sure the new facility will be well received by all.’’