Trellises are designed to guide climbing plants, helping to cover walls and other outdoor areas with greenery and create a truly enjoyable outdoor environment.

At Mick George, we have a wide variety of trellis products that can fit your requirements whatever they may be.

Our range contains fan trellis panels that can be attached to a wall or garden fence and allow your plants to grow upwards beautifully.

There are square lattice garden trellis panels of different sizes available. These can also be attached to walls and fences and create an eye-catching green display.

What’s more, we have large rectangle diamond lattice trellis that can be used to help separate and differentiate parts of your garden wonderfully.

There are also convex diamond lattice trellises available for you to buy.

Our trellis selection forms part of our wider fencing offering. Here you can get hold of fence panels, fence posts, and wood stain products.

These items are great for homeowners and landscape gardeners, so find what you’re looking for at Mick George.

We have a great delivery offering, allowing you to get all the fencing solutions you require with ease.

And if you have any questions, simply get in touch with the Mick George team.

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  1. Convex Diamond Lattice Trellis
    Convex Diamond Lattice Trellis

    All our heavy duty diamond trellis range is 1.8m wide

    Our heavy duty range has a good strong 45mm rebated frame with 40mm battens and 70mm gaps 

    £26.77 £22.31
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