Our Commitment to Safer Roads

At Mick George Ltd, we operate an extensive fleet of over 300 vehicles and place great emphasis on the issues surrounding Road Safety. We invest time and resources year-on-year to help drive home these vital messages to those with whom we share the roads and with our wider communities. This begins in Primary Schools with campaigns aimed specifically at our youngest road users and carries through to Secondary Schools and Colleges. We also provide displays and demonstrations in high footfall locations such as shopping centres and local community events to extend our reach further.

Road Safety
  • Community Roadwatch
  • No Drive Zones
  • Advisory Speed Limits

Community Roadwatch Schemes are run by independent groups to monitor roads in specified areas.

Mick George Ltd have sponsored a local Community Roadwatch Group to help increase the number of villages they can monitor in the local area. The main focus is to ensure that hauliers passing through these villages are compliant with routing agreements and to ensure that no motoring offences such as speeding is being committed.

Recent data collected from these respective villages has seen some company's repeatedly breaching agreements and driving at speeds in excess of 43% over the legal speed limit.

Mick George Ltd operates a number of No Drive Zones within the regions that the business operates.

In conjunction with local Parish Councils, Mick George Ltd have voluntarily decided to extend that list in an attempt to minimise disruption for local residents.

The business recognises that the traffic flowing through the Cambridgeshire villages has become a cause for concern due to the noise, vibration and general congestion caused.

The principal aim is to reduce and eliminate where possible, so we hope other hauliers will follow suit.

Investment has been made on modern tracking technology to ensure that the company's vehicles are complying with routing agreements.

Our Transport Manager Joe Gossage, spoke to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on the 15th February about 'Our Commitment to Safer Roads.' Click on the video below to listen to the full interview.

Our Transport Manager Joe Gossage, spoke to BBC Look East on the 15th February about 'Our Commitment to Safer Roads.' Click on the video below to watch the interview:



In an attempt to prevent dangerous driving and the likelihood of injury or death on roads throughout Cambridgeshire villages, Mick George Ltd has enforced a 20mph advisory speed limit for its fleet of vehicles for high risk areas in selected villages.

The business has also invested in signage to place at prominant points throughout specified villages to advise other hauliers that an advisory 20mph speed restriction is in place.



Headteacher Claire MacDonald and staff welcomed Mick George Ltd during National Road Safety Week to receive the ‘Stay Safe on the Road’ programme for Year 5 and 6 pupils at Holywell C of E Primary School in the village of Needingworth near St Ives.

In groups, the 10 and 11 Year olds were given the opportunity to take a view from the driver’s seat, see for themselves what and where blind spots are and better appreciate the dangers of sharing the road with large trucks and lorries.

The pupils completed a simple worksheet to reinforce and evidence their learning and received 'goody bags', courtesy of Mick George Ltd and Scania's TruckEast, which included a hi-vis vest, luminous slap band and road safety information booklet as a reminder of the day’s important lessons.



Alconbury Church of England Primary School is in the heart of Alconbury village, a few minutes from our Head Office in Huntingdon. With the extensive construction works taking place at the nearby Alconbury Weald development, staff at the village school were very pleased to see Mick George Ltd during National Road Safety Week.

Our Driver Compliance Team delivered the ‘Stay Safe on the Road’ programme, launched by Road Safety GB and Scania (GB) earlier this year. Mick George Ltd are keen supporters of the initiative and have committed time and resource to take the messages and truck demonstration out to local schools.

Alconbury Primary School pupils from Years 5 and 6 had the chance to see with their own eyes exactly where a driver’s blind spots are from the cab and gained a better understanding of the risks of sharing road space with LGVs and HGVs.

The 'goody bags', sponsored by Mick George Ltd and Scania TruckEast were a particular highlight for the children, each delighted to receive a hi-vis vest, luminous slap band and road safety information; all aimed at helping them to remember the important lessons learnt.


Long Road College

An initiative to help improve road safety pulled up at a Cambridge college this week.

The scheme, designed to demonstrate how road safety conditions for Cambridge cyclists could be improved by fitting heavy duty vehicles with special 'safety features', was rolled out at Long Road Sixth Form College.

To demonstrate these features to Long Road students, many of whom cycle or ride to College on mopeds, Skanska visited Long Road with one of its partners, Mick George Ltd and took one of their enhanced vehicles to the school to show pupils.

Students were shown the external safety features including extra mirrors, a rear warning sign showing blind spots and a reversing alarm. They also went up in the cab to try out the warnings and, more importantly, to understand how vulnerable they are, especially in the large vehicle's blind spot.

Long Road College

Shirley Community Primary & Nursery

Situated in an area of Cambridgeshire that serves a rich and diverse community, having become the first school in the county to gain the ‘Equalities Award’, Shirley Community Primary and Nursery School has become the most recent school to get involved in the Mick George Ltd ‘Stay Safe on the Road’ campaign.

Pupils from Years five and six were delighted to have the opportunity to sit in the cab of a Grab Lorry and see things from the driver’s perspective. A question and answer session followed which reinforced pupils’ learning, understanding what and where blind spots are to better appreciate the dangers of sharing the road with large trucks and lorries.

The children were left with some road safety aids including a Mick George & TruckEast sponsored hi-viz vest to wear when out walking and cycling on the region's roads, as well as illuminous wrist bands and educational packs to revisit the topic at a later stage.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The road safety campaign has grown in demand since its launch late last year. More and more schools are approaching us with the prospect of us demonstrating the various aspects and importance of carefully approaching the regions roads when in the vicinity of large commercial vehicles.’’

Shirley Community


We are pleased to see Mick George Ltd instigating this initiative to reduce the risk to our community from HGV traffic. It is imperative that all haulage companies follow this lead and stick to their routing agreements. The noise and vibration caused by HCV traffic is a major concern of our parishioners and any means of reducing or eliminating it is to be welcomed. We are most grateful to Mick George Ltd for their efforts. It is much appreciated.
Spokesperson at Haddenham Parish Council
For several years the HCV Group has campaigned to persuade hauliers and the relevant authorities to reduce the HCV traffic through fen villages. We were therefore delighted to hear that Mick George Ltd has decided to voluntarily ban their vehicles from these routes, unless delivering along them. We think it is highly significant that Mick George Ltd has decided to use modern technology to enforce their policy. We hope others will follow this example and exercise their corporate social responsibility towards our communities.
Owen McLaughlin, Secretary of the Joint Parishes HCV Group