ESPO Framework: Commercial Waste

The early stages of 2018 has been particularly fruitful for local business Mick George Ltd, especially with the welcomed news that the company has been awarded onto the ESPO (Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation) 379_17 Waste and Recycling Collection and Disposal framework for the firms Commercial Waste provision.

ESPO is a customer-focused, public sector owned professional buying organisation.

Founded in 1981, ESPO is jointly owned by its six-member authorities* (see notes). The organisation is committed to passing on savings to customers, that have resulted as a consequence of the groups’ best practice in procurement, sourcing, supply chain partner support and management, contract management and EU compliance.

The declaration presents Mick George Ltd with a fantastic opportunity to further stamp its progressive position within the Commercial Waste market, for which they have already made a hugely positive impression landing many lucrative partnerships, not least the University of Cambridge, given the Companies landfill diversion credentials.

Much of the company’s success results from their wealth of experience in the industry (40 years) and continued investment on state-of-the-art recycling plant, modern fleet of vehicles and strategically located transfer stations.

The position on the framework grants Mick George Ltd access to a vast audience of public sector bodies that utilise ESPO’s frameworks. These include; education, local authorities, emergency services, government departments and registered charities, among others. A staggering £1.46bn was spent regionally and nationally, with ESPO’s 2,000 suppliers, on its 25,000-strong product and service listings, during 2015-2016.

As you can imagine, accreditation on such a scheme is not an easy feat to achieve. All suppliers on the framework are enrolled having proved their ability to be fair, transparent and compliant during public tender processes, for which Mick George Ltd has more than displayed such credentials in surpassing the stringent regulations set out by ESPO.

espo framework commercial waste

They said:

Abigail Johnson, Head of Waste at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Our Commercial Waste service has established itself as one of the business’s core offerings in the last few years. The professionalism that we’ve delivered along the way, has been rewarded accordingly.’’

Johnson continued: ‘’The ESPO partnership is the most recent acknowledgement of our development, and is a testament to the progression the business continues to make. The ESPO model is one that should be given a lot of credit, due to the transparent and fair nature in which they proportion work among endorsed suppliers.’‘

* Authorities: Leicestershire County Council, Lincolnshire County Council, Cambridgeshire County Council, Norfolk County Council, Warwickshire County Council, and Peterborough City Council