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24.08.2016 - Electric ‘Shock' as Mick George Ltd venture out

The ‘current’ cannot be stemmed as the power surge at Mick George Ltd continues, with the construction supplier business more traditionally recognised for its Earthworks and Demolition based contracting services, now engaging within the Mechanical and Electrical design, installation and maintenance industry.

Providing services to the contracting industry for 35 years, Mick George Ltd carry experience and a strong brand reputation in support of the launch.

Increasingly, commercial buildings and properties are becoming under the spotlight, with owners pressured to ensure they adhere to efficiency regulations. The introduction of the Mechanical and Electrical service is tasked with tackling exactly that issue.

The provision covers an extensive range of services which specifically targets, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Fire and Security systems to name just a few. Attention is not limited to ‘new’ installations only, but also the upgrading of existing systems.

From complex Office Refits and Refurbishments, right through to Maintenance and Repairs, the business will get involved with the initial design, helping to identify cost savings and installation management, providing timely, cost effective solutions for clients.

Jon Stump, Finance Director of Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’It’s exciting times for the business. We’re always looking ahead at potential opportunities to expand and improve, the Mechanical and Electrical service is just one of a number of areas that we have invested, with more on the horizon. Our aim is to make it easier for Contractors, preventing the requirement for numerous suppliers for each service within a development.’’

Stump Continued: ‘’We have tremendously talented employees with varied skill sets throughout the company, so we are sure this service, like all our others will be provided to the same high quality in which the brand prides itself.’’


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