15.01.16 - Eaton Socon FC Score in application for Mick George Ltd funding

Eaton Socon FC has been competing for over 100 years in local amateur football leagues, providing football opportunities in Adult, Youth, Colts and Ladies divisions.

The club has managed to successfully establish itself at level 7 of the national league system whilst attaining FA Chartered Standard rating effectively operating from open park pitch facilities.

That is about to change, having successfully received funding from Mick George Ltd to significantly improve the premises from which the team operate. The plan is to increase the pitch area, enclosing to include a training facility, some spectator seating, secured equipment storage and better access to the clubhouse.

Ian Richardson, Club Secretary, Eaton Socon FC stated: “The season has had another tremendous boost following the successful funding application to Mick George Ltd. The funds will enable the Club to continue enhancing our facilities as part of a development plan which, in the last 5 years, has seen significant improvements. Thanks to the grant we can sustainably operate teams from Colts and Youth level through to Adult step 7; with step 6 football as our next target.”

Having worked closely with Huntingdon FA and Huntingdon District Council the club has carefully devised a development plan to ensure that future FA requirements are achieved.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’There is a strong community ethos at Eaton Socon FC that is clearly visible. Players and management are predominantly recruited from local residents, and we envisage that the funding will help increase the opportunities for more talent to emerge that wasn’t previously available due to the restricted facilities.’’

Stump Continued: ‘’Strong community relations have been a fundamental part of the success Mick George Ltd has endured over recent years. Without the support of local residents and businesses we simply wouldn’t have achieved to the level we aspire.’’


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