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22.02.16 - Earn more CASH with the Mick George Ltd Affiliate Programme

Mick George Ltd has launched its very own ‘Affiliate Programme’ which is aimed at rewarding local businesses, charities, sports clubs and schools with financial returns and benefits for their stakeholders.

The company is keen to strengthen the economic climate within the regions it currently operates throughout Peterborough, Cambridge and Northamptonshire and see’s the support of local businesses pulling together at the expense of other national brands as a mechanism to achieve this.

The company is to provide individual discounts as well as a further voluntary contributions towards the organisation of choice from the customer making the online transaction. The funds are free to use in any which way the selected organisation determines and will receive full marketing support from Mick George Ltd to help increase the awareness of this fund raising initiative.

Mick George Ltd is particularly dynamic when it comes to engaging with the local community. They are currently involved in many sponsorship and partnership arrangements with both professional and amateur organisations, financially and practically but are keen to provide an extra incentive for local businesses to work together.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’We recognise that much of the business we do on a daily basis is provided by individuals who sit directly within various community clubs and organisations, so thought this would be a good initiative to provide  assistance to the wider community.’’

Stump continued: ‘’As a business, we are happy to absorb these costs as we expect it is likely to strengthen the position of all within the counties we operate especially when competing with those from outside. If this filters down to residential savings at the same time then everyone’s happy.’’


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