Earith Slipway and Garden Area

Surrounded by three major rivers, the inability of Earith residents to enjoy such splendid views has been long overdrawn.

However, that has now all changed courtesy of a £22,500 grant from local construction specialists Mick George Ltd which has permitted the installation of a brand-new ‘slipway’ and garden area for gaining access to the river, and for general outdoor activities with scenic sightlines.

This quiet, reflective area is located at the back of the Village Hall and has a small car-park positioned nearby, making it the idyllic destination. Notwithstanding the fact that it has replaced the overgrown foliage and weed infested eyesore that previously existed in this area.

The slipway will provide safe accessibility for all river users, not only village inhabitants. The river is part of the Ouse Valley Way Area of Outstanding Beauty, with the new amenity certainly befitting of its locality. Moving forward, volunteers will maintain the location to its current standing.

And the improvements aren’t due to stop here. Plans have already been formulated for a WW1 and WWII memorial lectern to be installed as the garden is being dedicated as a remembrance area for the village. The lectern will bear the names of the fallen from Earith.

earith slipway

They said:

Mandy Pink, of Earith Parish Council said: ‘’The end result has been fantastic, and we have received nothing but positive praise from the local villagers who are utilising the facility. Earith Parish Council together with the Mick George Community Fund have transformed a derelict un-usable area into a haven of tranquillity and enjoyment.’’

Stuart Costello, Marketing Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’For many years the residents of Earith have supported our business in various capacities and we remain grateful for that. We’re always mindful that the village lies adjacent to our core operating areas, so do our upmost to assist with any development works that need funding in the area.’’

Costello continued: ‘’Those who reside in Earith and the surrounding areas are fortunate to have such beautiful landscapes on their doorsteps, it is only fair that they are able to take satisfaction from them. We’re certain the recent changes will allow that to happen for generations to come.’’