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05.10.2016 - Driver : A day in the life….

With in excess of 300 commercial vehicles in the fleet, Mick George Ltd are certainly well placed to express the various facets to the day-to-day experiences of a vehicle ‘driver’.
Although you may have a preconceived image of the stereotypical ‘driver’, the vast array of personalities that complete the transport team at Mick George Ltd will almost certainly eradicate those perceptions.

Having got up close and personal with a number of the employees who take up these positions, it’s clear to see why so many have engaged in longstanding careers in a sizeable industry, containing 2.2 million employees.

Whether you’re a Skip, Tipper or Concrete vehicle driver, each day appears as ‘lively as the next. When quizzed on the reasoning behind their career choice, a continuous theme of stability and flexibility was an ever present, with all of them developing from varied positions within the automotive industry.

Much like footballers reminiscing over a favoured ‘boot choice’ or a tradesman defaulting to a preferred toolset, it is no different when it comes to ‘drivers’ and their trucks. And while the employees hold many similarities, each seek unique ‘comforts’ in their own rights when it comes to the ‘vehicle of choice’, with Volvo, Scania and Mercedes all referenced.
In a similar vein, ‘drivers’ are creatures of habit, and nowhere is this more apparent than when they take a break. Widely recognised as the best part of the day for the majority, all have their own preference on location for various reasons. As onlookers we would conventionally associate a ‘truck-stop’ with ‘greasy fast food’, but in a changing industry, even that is shifting. The spectrum of food consumed ranges from a fried breakfast, to a Chicken Salad, right through to Protein Shakes, with some even honest enough to admit they’re watching their figure. Who’d of thought?!

Having spent lots of time on the roads alone, you could forgive the wild imaginations that exist. Especially when this is coincided with the humorous, crazy or slightly disturbing scenes that are frequently witnessed. From Women dressed as Men, to flashing of bodily parts, road accidents, right through to men self-grooming whilst at the wheel, you name it, they’ve seen it.

And after all that, although some have aspirations of property developing or firework choreography were they not a ‘driver’, the resounding message was they would not change career given the opportunity. In fact, quite the opposite, making recommendation to ‘future generations’ considering a career in the industry.


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