Football Dribbling - Skills School

Mick George in association with Peterborough United FC have combined to deliver a skills school, to show various football techniques. This episode looks at the best way to dribble.

Ryan Semple, coach at Peterbrough United FC and former player, as well as a few of the clubs academy players provide detailed examples and methods to best keep control of the ball when dribbling.

Practice Techniques

Space out cones approximately 2 yards apart, over a distance of roughly 20 metres.

Alone, or in groups, take it in turn to dribble in and out of the cones, from one end to the other. 

Repeat until comfortable. To increase difficulty, reduce the space of the cones to about 1 yard apart.

Tips and Advice

Use the instep and outside of the boot, repeatedly taking a touch, to keep the ball close to your body and away from defenders in tight areas.

When dribbling over longer distances, perhaps alternate between both feet, but ensure that you're pushing the ball slightly further from your body, but still in close proximity, preventing the opposition from taking the ball. This will help cover larger parts of the pitch, quicker.