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Nick Knowles and his entourage of followers arrived in Mildenhall, Cambridgeshire yesterday, ahead of the DIY SOS renovation that was due to commence at the home of Cambridge United FC supporter, Simon Dobbin.

They weren’t the only new faces either. More than 110 local tradesmen turned up to contribute, all of which set to work immediately on the transformation. Within minutes, people were clearing out the house with everything from radiators, a bath, flooring and the Kitchen sink removed.

What may have seemed ‘chaos’ to the untrained-eye, was actually a well-oiled machine going about their work of dismantling the house, with military precision.

After just one hour, the first two complementary Skips provided by Mick George Ltd, that sat at the back of the house, were full, with a further build-up of rubble, soil and other materials quickly mounting to the side.

There was no sign of any slowing as the day went on. Everywhere you looked, there was a mass of people completing various activities. The garden was a wash of Landscapers who were digging away, the living areas had Electricians contently wiring up the power supplies, while the Plumbers were frantically walking the streets in search of suitable water and drainage supply.

Shortly after lunch, a significant breakthrough was made when a large lintel was removed from the rear of the property and the house became fully exposed to all the elements.

Not deterred by the lack of light, the tradesmen battled on and by the end of day, the house was all but a blank canvas, having disposed of more than 115yds of rubbish of varying materials, via 6 industrial Skips and a dedicated ‘Grab’ vehicle.

By nightfall, the surrounding streets that were lined with vehicles from pillar-to-post, was once again restored to their normal residential capacity, as the team responsible for the significant changes drifted off one-by-one.

Although the exact layout of the new house may not yet be clear at this stage, major progress has certainly been made, ready for further developments in the coming days.

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They said:

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’This is just another example of how the local community is willing to unite for a fantastic cause. We have an affiliation with the project in a number of ways. Naturally our service and product offering lends itself to the Build’, as does the link with Cambridge United FC, as their front of shirt sponsor.

Stump Continued: ‘’Anything we can do to assist with Simon’s recovery process and the ability to improve his standard of life, is something that we’d welcome.’’


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