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Possible Re-Use Wood Pallet Regulations

Waste wood stakeholders to discuss placing reuse targets for wood pallets.

Defra mulling reuse target for wood pallets

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is scheduled to meet with waste wood stakeholders in the coming months to discuss placing reuse targets for wood pallets.

Defra has announced that the PRN system will be continuing, with its 2022 targets being carried over into 2023 and other material targets set to 2030.

Although, no targets have been placed for wood as the government explores options for setting re-use obligations on wooden pallets.

Discussions are now taking place between pallet manufacturers, associations, and recyclers on developing the legislation.

This work will be completed in 2022, Defra said, with the new arrangements and targets effective from 2024.

Recyclers could potentially be eligible for a handling fee charge as part of the targets, for example, and will play a part in developing guidance about what is reusable.

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