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Cambridge Rugby Club

Since officially opening their impressive new clubhouse facilities back in September, Cambridge Rugby Club have been working tirelessly to install access routes to the amenity that are equally as striking, but more importantly easy and safe to navigate.

Having already donated £50,000 to the wider £500,000 investment, local construction specialist Mick George Ltd granted a further £50,000 to take care of the new road, parking and drainage amenities at Volac park. This takes Mick George’s entire contribution to the project to £100,000.

The project has seen the replacement of the current wholly inadequate, damaged and unsuitable access road uplifted and substituted with a modern, correctly specified access road, with the appropriate markings, kerbing, transition ramps and parking bays; including disabled parking and emergency vehicle spaces.

The recent enhancements at Volac Park are designed to expand community use of the facilities. It was for this reason that Club’s Committee approved the scheme, despite it being the highest capital project priority in the Club’s strategic plan.

They said:

Rob Dean, Chairman of Cambridge Rugby Club said: ‘’The access driveway links the public highway to the main Rugby Club complex, so it was important that we address the condition of the existing route. Not only was it in poor condition, but it was unsightly and needed constant attention from volunteers. We’re now able to present a safe, secure and appealing entrance that matches the quality finish of the rest of the complex. We’re grateful to Mick George Ltd for their ongoing support.’’

 Jon Stump, Joint Chief Executive Officer at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The transformation at this venue has been truly remarkable and is a testament to the investment and efforts by all involved. We recognise the important part that Cambridge Rugby Club has on the nearby community, so we’re glad to be able to support where possible.’’


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