Crimplesham Park

Towards the rear end of 2018, Mick George Ltd announced the geographical expansion of their ‘Community Fund’ initiative which provides financial backing to projects in their operating areas.

One of the early beneficiaries of the change has been Crimplesham Parish Council who thanks to an £11,800 grant from the Aggregate supply firm, has been able to install new play equipment on the park area that is situated in the village.

Since taking control of the park back in 2014, the Parish Council has been making gradual improvements to the amenity, making it a more enjoyable destination for youngsters that will inspire increased levels of activity.

Four pieces of apparatus have been added, including a new roundabout, springer, see-saw and a basketball hoop, as well as new safety floor surfacing.

The project arose following consultation with local residents who emphatically highlighted the need to renovate the facility to make it more stimulating and exciting for visitors.

crimplesham park

They said:

Sarah Thorpe, Clerk at Crimplesham Parish Council said: ‘’The new equipment has made a huge difference. We’re already receiving very positive feedback from residents who are using the site more frequently for social interaction. Although there has been ongoing repairs and upgrades to the park over time, the contribution from Frimstone has most certainly accelerated the development, for which we’re very grateful.’’

Stuart Costello, Marketing Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’It’s great to see that the advantages of the extended programme are starting to be evidenced by the local communities further afield. This particular project has a little more sentiment as it is closely located to one of the offices included with our Group of businesses.’’